The Team

Robert - Robert is the owner and founder of Robert Craven Upholstery. He oversees and manages the logistical aspects of the business in addition to participating with all customer projects. He has been in the business of upholstery for 42 years. Robert has always believed in customer satisfaction and strives to operate a business with integrity and professionalism. Robert can be seen in the picture on the left sitting in a recently reupholstered furniture set.

Don - Don is Robert's brother and has been an upholsterer working with Robert for 34 years. Don's specialties include reupholstery, furniture restoration and wood craftsmanship.

Phil - Phil is Robert's son and has been an upholsterer for the company for over 25 years. Phil's specialties include reupholstery and resotration.

Sandy - Sandy is a family friend and has been a full time employee of the company for 25 years. Sandy specializes in material manipulation and is the company's seamstress.

Dean - Dean is Robert's son-in-law and works part-time as an upholsterer. Dean has been a part time employee for almost 12 years and assists with all commercial projects. Dean specializes in reupholstery and restoration.